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Ainesis guitars are designed and crafted here at the store. They feature locally harvested and reclaimed woods such as Maple, Wild Cherry, Ash, Apple, Monterrey Cherry, and Walnut.  Each guitar is meticulously crafted with passionate attention to detail that everyone deserves to experience in their instrument.

Your guitar can be uniquely designed for you.  We love to work with you and give you control of the selection process with wood types, inlays, finishes and colors.  Every detail is considered right down to the smallest detail.  At Ainesis, want to make sure that you are completely satisfied your only limitations are the unique design of our body and headstock. 

Gene Hansen started as a Master Luthier in 2010 and his company was born from a dream of wanting better quality in guitars and basses.  Gene Makes every guitar and bass with his personal touch and insists on quality and high standards.

Ainesis literally means a praise or thank offering.  I believe God wired me and gave me the gift to build great instruments for people to enjoy.  Without this special gift, he could not help others to enrich their lives. I’m thankful for every guitar and ukulele I build.


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You can tell that Geno loves his work! He has always has a love for creating Amazing things out of wood.  His story started about 10 years ago when he wanted a thin line acoustic.  Being thrifty, he decided to try to make one him self and the rest is history, so they say.  He has and still loves to take on a challenge.

All our guitars are made from scratch right on site.  We can deliver a awesome sounding guitar with your specifications.  It is truly a guitar made for you!