After Care

We want to make sure your instrument is in it for the long run. Before you even leave the store, we make sure your new instrument is set up and ready to be played. That way, when you get home, you can get started right away. We also help climatize it to your environment and help to make any necessary adjustments. All of this to protect it before you even leave the store! 

But, we know that life happens. We want to be sure your new instrument is working perfectly for you. The climate change from our store to your guitar’s new home can impact the ultimate sound quality of your guitar. Once your guitar become acclimated to it’s new home and if it needs any fine tune adjustments, bring it in and our guitar luthiers will make sure to make the adjustments needed to get the best sound out of your instrument.

Your purchase of any new Ainesis Guitar or North Coast Ukulele includes repairs for any issues within one year of your purchase.

Whether you’re buying a new or used instrument from us, we’re here for you.