Our Commitment

Our goal here at Traverse City Guitar Company is providing all of our customers the highest quality of service. One of our favorite parts of the job is that people come into our store for various reasons and we get to help. Traveling with your band and a string on your guitar breaks? Come on in to replace it. Just want to try out a new instrument or looking for a newer version? See what we have to offer. Not sure if the guitar you are dreaming about will work with your amp? Bring in your amp and let’s find out. Talking openly and honestly is why we consider our “customers” to be more like friends. 

So, here is how we are committed to you:

  • Pick it up and play. We feel it is critical for our customers to come on in and actually play our instruments. We want you to think of us as a place to come, play, and feel at home. After all, the only way to know if an instrument is speaking to you is by picking it up and playing it!
  • No matter what stage you are in, we can help. You could be an expert and just want to chat or a beginner looking for lessons. Whatever stage you are in, we are committed to helping musicians like you.
  • Highest-quality customer service. We love talking with and meeting new people. Having conversations with everyone that visits us, even if it’s not music related, is something we look forward to everyday. And we like to help in any way we can. Whether you need a repair, a lesson, or a new instrument, we can help. 
  • One-of-a-kind Music Destination. We are much more than just a guitar retailer. When you visit us not only will you find name brand guitars, ukuleles, banjos, and mandolins for sale, but you will also find many locally made products including North Coast Ukuleles and Ainesis acoustic, electric, and bass guitars made right here in our workshop.
  • Open, easy communication. Whether we are repairing your favorite ukulele, completing a simple sting change, or a full restore of that once-great guitar, we are committed to providing you the communication and confidence to know we are here for you.
  • Keep fair, competitive prices. Rest assured that you are getting your new instrument at a fair price. We are constantly keeping track of the rates in the market and stay on top of keeping competitive prices. 

Plus, if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, chances are that we can order it for you. As a “mom and pop” shop serving all of northern Michigan, we try our hardest to provide products and services at reasonable prices. In a time where more and more people are shopping online and in large box stores, it is ever more important for us to be different. That’s why both our customer service and crafting of beautiful, unique instruments are second to none. Basically, what matters most to us isn’t how much we sell, but rather the fellow musician (or aspiring musician) walking through the front door.